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Android 3d

Build your Android user interface in real 3d by placing building blocks and app blocks and navigate your world!

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iPhone Synthesizer


Turns your iPhone or iPod into a groovy synth, based on additive, subtractive and fm sound synthesis featuring

  • 5 main oscillators
  • frequency modulation
  • low frequency oscillator
  • chorus
  • pitch shift
  • noise
  • distortion
  • cutoff
  • echo
  • bitcrusher
  • ADSR envelopes
  • presets
  • wave shape view
  • connect to your mixer, Mac or PC over sound jacks
  • setup as real instrument in GarageBand for creating songs or ring tones

We recommend to use quality stereo speakers or earphones.

How are you going to sound today?

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Stefan Welebny





Sound Analyzer.

Displays Sound Spectrum (FFT) and Cepstrum with adjustable Lifter.

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Play a note on your guitar, let Tuner detect the pitch and see where you are on the scale. Tunes your guitar or other musical instrument which can sustain a tone.

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